Lizzy is a fantastic teacher– as a newcomer to Yoga, she’s been incredibly welcoming and always gives clear instructions and advice for each asana. The environment in her classes is fantastic; intense but relaxing at the same time – the work we do goes deep, and stays in the body long after the class is over.
Lizzy’s genuine commitment to ensure all her participants get the most out of each session is inspiring and enlightening – I look forward to many more! - Nick VB

Lizzy is a brilliant and knowledgeable yoga teacher, who’s classes are well-rounded and interesting. Starting the class with a guided meditation, she makes it easy to flow into a focussed practice, during which she gives valuable feedback and adjustments, allowing you to constantly improve.
Lizzy has a great way of making everyone feel comfortable and inspired in her classes, she’s an absolute star. - Freya

Actually committing myself to attending Lizzy’s yoga class has really enhanced my day to day life.
I find Lizzy’s classes to be the perfect balance of physicality, stretching, relaxation and meditation – ideal for the mind the body and the soul. Lizzy is an excellent teacher and can work easily with everyone.
Highly recommended – 10/10
— Barney
Lizzy is an amazing yoga teacher.

This isn’t only due to Lizzy being a wonderfully spiritual and positive person, but a sympathetic teacher that ensures that every one who attends her class is reaching their full potential, in each and every pose, whilst encouraging everyone to push themselves to the next level physically.

The class environment is super zen and accompanied by an amazing playlist, as well as delicious smelling oils which is an absolute treat and personal fave!

Quite simply, shes a dream!
— Amy G

Lizzy’s classes are the perfect way to end the day. She keeps things varied and fun. It’s so nice to have a teacher that doesn’t intimidate you because you need a bit more explanation or guidance. Not to mention the added bonus of her music and oils!
— Kirsten